Selection Search Portable

Selection Search Portable 1.01

Select Content in Websites or in Programs & do Google Search
1.01 (See all)

Selection Search Automation Tool is a Handy Search Launcher for Windows Systems, you are able to Select Text in Websites or in any Windows Programs in fact Almost anywhere on the Computer, then you Push with the Left Mouse or Touch Device the Searching Button and the Computer will do a Google Search Based on Languages Resultings, it is furthermore possible to have Search results from other Search Engines, (Wikipeda Search, Bing Search,,Yandex Search,Yahoo Search, Youtube Search,?, And the Right Mouse Button is for doing a Translation from any Selected Content. In the Settings you are able to change the counts of Search Results, You can get the Search Results In a New Tab or in the Same Tab, And for Users who want to use Two Browsers they can Enable the Multi Browsers CheckBox, the pros are you can (Surfing in Firefox Mozilla Browser and then get the Search or Translation Results on Google Chrome Browser this must be set as Default Browser) Selection Search is a Powerful Launcher with Intelligent Search Buttons all users can work with it, they can Select Text from Almost Anyywhere, Click the Button and the Search or Translation is completed, this will save you a lot of Time.

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